Thor Halvorssen Gives A Correct Explanation Of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is making waves in America because of his campaign for President, but he is not understood very well by all the people who are voting. The people who are voting will have a problem with some of the things that he says because they have been misled. Thor Halvorssen(  went on Fox News to explain the things that Bernie Sanders believes in, and he has a good perspective because of his South American and Scandinavian upbringing.


The upbringing that Thor Halvorssen had in these two places was under something called democratic socialism. This is what Bernie Sanders is going for, and it means that all the tax money goes back to the people in services. The government actually gets smaller because so much money is spent on services, and the government charges taxes fairly to everyone.


The people who think that Bernie Sanders is a communist do not understand the difference. Thor Halvorssen knows that communism can be very bad for a country, but democratic socialism is not the same as communism. Basically, Bernie Sanders wants the people of America to get value for the dollars that they are spending in taxes. He wants to give back, and he wants to do it under a system that is more fair.


The fairness that Bernie Sanders wants to see comes from a desire to be more progressive and offer more to the people like what is seen in Europe. There are a lot of versions of democratic socialism, but they all make their countries higher in infant survival and education. The people get the services they need, and they get them while paying less in taxes. Bernie Sanders has started a revolution, and he believes that there is a plan to offer all these things to everyone who needs them.


There are a lot of misperceptions about Bernie Sanders, but Thor Halvorssen has explained that it is not bad at all. Bernie Sanders is truly progressive, and he wants to borrow the European model. Democratic socialism can work along with normal elections while giving people the services they need. Follow Thor on Twitter to see what he’s into and up to!


The Path of Creating the Most Complete Wikipedia Page

When crafting a Wikipedia page to help a business, the page should avoid having any missing parts or deficiencies. The page should drone on forever, but missing helpful tidbits can undermine the page’s ability to deliver massively effective results. 

When an editor decided to update a Wikipedia page can comprise of “little things” that aren’t so little. A business could have received notable mentions in the press. Not every business get such public accolades. Adding two or three sentences to a Wiki entry detailing why the press singled out the business for praise could be a very nice touch. The small paragraph helps a business stand out with simple Wikipedia edits. Standing out always aids any and all marketing plans.

No one can think over everything is an apt saying when it comes to Wikipedia business page creation. Business owners surely may open a user account on the Wikipedia platform and start producing content. As long as the platform and community’s rules are adhered to, Wikipedia is going to be thrilled to have a new contributor. If the published content is missing something, however, readers are only going to end up learning part of the picture. Again, this is not good when hoping to use content to attract customers or brand a business

A perfect example of attracting new customers is found in translations.

An article on Futurity discusses the value of translating pages into as many applicable languages as possible. Wikipedia pages can be presented in upwards of 300 different languages. A new tool is being developed to help make suggestions to Wikipedia editors regarding what content would benefit from being translated. A lot of great content could end up reaching an even larger audience. 

Without help, owners, employers, and advisors to a business might come up short when crafting the Wikipedia page. Rather than struggle to create a perfect Wikipedia page, outsourcing the work to skilled writers and Wikipedia editors for hire is advisable. Get Your Wiki is one of the top Wikipedia writing companies for creating Wikipedia content for private clients. The writers at Get Your Wiki are more than capable of knowing what type of content should be weaved into the text. When you hire a Wikipedia editor is also a good idea to filter what should be pared out as it can be difficult to decide when you are close to the company.

Hiring Wiki writers that are getting work done on a Wikipedia page should become a major priority of any business interested in more exposure. The process should entail creating an entry that is complete, interesting, and reaches the largest possible audience.

How Brian Bonar Grew a Company

Growing a company from the ground up is something that few people have the ability to do. Often times, the process is a lot more difficult than many people realize. There are a lot of variables involved in the process. Brian Bonar is one of those few people who is always wanting to start up something knew. His career is a great example of how to build up a business to become profitable. There are a lot of lessons for other people to learn during this process. Over time, anyone can learn how to build and grow a business like he has.

Connecting with Customers

One of the most important aspects of growing a company is having and connecting with customers. Over the long term, there are a lot of people who want to grow their sales base with their customers (get it here: Sometimes the answer is more marketing or other expenses. A lot of times, this is simply a process of getting more information in front of customers. There are a lot of people who are wanting to connect with customers in a way that makes sense over time.

Anyone who wants to take the next step with their business needs to make sure their product or service has a consumer need and the business is connecting with customers. Brian Bonar always started out with a company in a way that added value to customers. Understanding how customers interact and what customers need is one of the most important aspects of building up a company. This is one of the reasons that he has been so successful in his career.

Career of Brian Bonar

There are a lot of companies that Brian Bonar has worked for over the past couple of years. This is important to remember simply because he has a lot more experience than many people when starting and running a business. Every business unit is different, and there are a lot of things to keep in mind when it comes to building up a company. In his early career, he knew that he wanted to run his own business one day. Over time, he was able to work himself up the corporate ladder where he became CEO of several companies during his time working.

Starting a Company

Anyone who is interested in starting up their own business needs to remember several things about the process. Starting a company takes a lot of hard work and capital. Brian Bonar was able to take existing companies and turn them into profitable companies through a lot of hard work. A lot of people do not have the vision to accomplish this. If you want to learn from the best, look at the career of Brian Bonar according to Mg2.

Alexei Beltyukov’s SOLVY Platform Is A Major Success

Education is the key to a brighter future for America and the world. For more than a century, America has held on to an ineffective educational system that is leaving American students years behind their contemporaries in other countries. Fortunately, hundreds of brilliant minds are working to innovate our educational system. Teachers, government leaders, and businessmen are all putting their energy towards a brighter educational future. One of the brightest businessmen working on improving education is Alexei Beltyukov. This brilliant mind has worked tirelessly to offer new solutions to our educational woes.

Alexei Beltyukov started his career working in medicine, but eventually decided to switch to business. He graduated with an MBA from INSEAD Business School, and quickly launched several business ventures. These ventures were often aimed at solving problems, including an angel investing club and several ventures into energy. Each of these businesses had some level of success, but Alexei felt drawn towards education. He knew that educators were overwhelmingly well-intentioned, but they needed a great platform to encourage their students to stay on task.

Alexei worked constantly to create an educational platform. He consulted numerous education experts and web developers and last year he was able to unveil his new educational platform. Last year at the EdSurge conference, Alexei unveiled the SOLVY platform. SOLVY is a homework platform aimed at high school students. This platform generates homework assignments based on set parameters. These assignments can be issued by high school teachers in quickly, and can then be graded efficiently. SOLVY is designed with mathematical education in mind. Because mathematics requires students to fully understand the process, teachers must see the work done by students. SOLVY does not generate multiple-choice questions, instead, it requires students to show each step of their solution. Students are encouraged to attempt problems even if they are not quite sure, because students need practice and teachers need insight into their thought process. Teachers regularly receive reports on their students’ progress.

SOLVY has been out for almost a year, and teachers are raving about the platform. The information provided by SOLVY lets teachers easily react to student work, and it makes assigning homework easy. This platform is Alexei’s crowning achievement.

Alexei Beltyukov is changing the way people approach education and he hopes that his latest platform will change math education forever. SOLVY is definitely a platform that people should keep an eye out for years to come.  Follow him on Twitter to keep reading.

Marie Claire Gets Down To Business With Gym Rat Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson works hard to have a nice figure, and she is a known gym rat among celebrities. She heads to gym often, but she does not want to spend all her time getting ready for the gym. had to ask about her gym habits, and the magazine found out that Kate created Fabletics for a woman just like her. There is a difference between running to gym with joy and just making it to the gym. No woman has time to primp to get to the gym, and now she does not have to.

Kate has said that she is like the lazy girl who rolls out of bed and heads to the gym without being too excited about it. She throws her clothes on and goes to gym to get energy for the rest of the day. She is a mom, and she is already very tired. Fabletics is the gym clothing that makes any woman look beautiful when she rolls out of bed for the gym. The colors in the line make women look good, and there are slimming features in all the clothes that make women look more presentable when they get to the gym.

The next big step for Fabletic was something that Kate calls athleisure. She wants women to feel like they can leave the gym in roughly the same clothes they showed up in. The tights, shorts and bras from Fabletics are part of the athleisure line because they make it easy for women to throw something else on when they are getting ready in the locker room.

The Coupon Lady has it that the Athleisure goes the next step give women simple clothes they can wear out of the gym or to the gym. There are simple dresses that women will love, and there are fun tops and skirts made from comfortable jersey fabric. The idea behind the line is to let women dress easily without spending all day in the closet picking something out, and it lets women go to the gym without worrying about carry a bunch of clothes with them.

Kate describes herself as a lazy girl, but she does not look lazy when she leaves the gym in something from her Fabletic’s line. Athleisure means any woman can look sexy when she comes to the gym, and she can still look presentable when she leaves the gym. Kate even says that she would go on a date in her athleisure clothes, and that is point of the concept in the first place. Kate does not want to be bogged down by her clothes, and no other woman should be, either. Athleisure from Fabletics lets women look stunning going in and out the gym door.

FreedomPop’s Newest Endeavor Involves Global Wifi

Can you imagine a trip to Paris where you don’t have to worry about dealing with the hassles of buying a prepaid phone? It’s so much more convenient when a service offers global hotspots, yet most major carriers can’t do it. Finally that ship has arrived. FreedomPop is unveiling their newest program that allows users from the United States and the United Kingdom to travel to 25 countries with uninterrupted service on their devices. This is just the beginning of what FreedomPop has to offer its customers.

Thanks to an impressive funding campaign that raised 50 million dollars, FreedomPop has decided to broaden the limits on its wifi capabilities. The company uses wifi hotspots in cities and around the globe to keep its users connected. The service will soon be offered in upwards of 40 countries by the end of the year, so get your passports read because your travels just got a whole lot easier.

The fundraising overall for FreedomPop has been a large success, seeing as they have raised approximately 109 million dollars in total since their start. They have recently added United Kingdom residents into their network, and they plan to continue allowing more people from other countries to join. They make it easier to travel, and they offer a free basic plan to help people cut down on their phone bills. What more could you ask for in a phone service?

The basic plan has 200 MB of data, and it comes with 200 text messages and 200 talking minutes. If users want more, they can always upgrade their plan. There is no contract with FreedomPop, so users don’t have to feel pinned into some agreement. If you would like to read more information about FreedomPop’s endeavor into global hotspots, here’s an article from PC Mag.

Self-Breaking Systems Greatly Reduce Rear-End Crashes

Vehicles equipped with a self-breaking capability were much less likely to be involved in rear-end crashes than vehicles not so equipped, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The research involved Acuras, Hondas, Mercedes-Benz’s, Subarus and Volvos equipped with both forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking, vehicles with only forward collision warning, and vehicles with neither system.

Vehicles having warning and autobraking systems decreased the rear-end crashes by 39 percent, and rear-end crashes involving injuries by 42 percent. The same stat was also found in a Bloomberg story that discussed the great things Jon Urbana and his lacrosse camp are doing to protect the environment in Denver.

IIHS estimates that had an automatic braking system similar to the one used in the Volvos in their research been installed in all vehicles, several hundred thousand rear-end collisions and related injuries could have been avoided in 2013 alone.

Vehicles with forward crash warning alone led to a more modest increase in collision than the automatic braking systems. It is thought that this may be due to the reaction time of humans being lower than that of the automatic systems.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration encourages these systems, and they may eventually be standard features in new automobiles.

Nobilis Health And Their Professional Management Services

Nobilis Health care is a company that is a full-service healthcare development and management company. Nobilis Health manages over 100 surgery centers and they strive to give the highest customer service. Nobilis Health is dedicated to great medical care and patient satisfaction. Nobilis realizes that each and every patient deserves to get the highest quality medical care even if they cannot afford it. Because that is their sentiment, they offer low cost healthcare delivery. Nobilis offers a wide variety of services to their patients. They offer expertise in many specialties such as the following: spine surgery, pain management, orthopedic surgery, podiatry, general surgery, gastrointestinal scopes, otolaryngology, and more. Nobilis health has specialized surgical centers and they have surgical center management expertise. Nobilis’ objective is to maximize all of the opportunities for their physicians. Nobilis focuses on growth and the profitability of their centers through marketing and operation procedures. In this way a surgeon is able to focus their attention on giving their patients the highest quality care, and Nobilis healthcare is able to build value for the facility. In that way the shareholders and the surgeons both receive benefit. Nobilis focuses on the patient experience, care management, physical plant design, plant development, revenue cycle management, facilities management, and staff management. Nobilis has a variety of centers in the Texas area and their integrated marketing services are second to none. Nobilis uses TV, print, radio, and point of care in order to market the services of their partners. They use a property marketing mix on Google in order to give patients the best education for things such as symptoms recognition, and treatment options. Nobilis also promotes open dialogue between professionals and their patients. Nobilis is dedicated to helping all their patients through their medical journey, and this is what sets Nobilis apart from other surgical centers and treatment facilities. Even though there are other facilities that provide integrated healthcare, Nobilis Health stands in a class of their own. They offer superb services both to their surgeons and to their patients.

Yeonmi Park Relives Her Escape From North Korea To Highlight The Plight Of Refugees

The problems facing refugees around the world have become the cause for young North Korean defector Yeonmi Park, who was herself a refugee who departed the communist country when she was only 13 years old. The problems that faced Yeonmi Park are similar to those faced by large numbers of refugees who are faced with little option but to place their future in the hands of human traffickers. Yeonmi Park faced the issue of how to escape the country and stay safe when her future was being molded by a group of criminals who had promised to guide her family to safety. The aim of Yeonmi Park was to find the safety of South Korea, but reports the problems she faced included facing being raped by the traffickers her family had trusted with their lives. Park’s mother faced the ordeal in her place as Yeonmi thought she had lost her sister and faced the tragedy of losing her father to cancer before they arrived in South Korea. Yeonmi Park and her mother spent years traveling across China and into Mongolia before finding their way to the South Korean embassy and the safety of democracy. Since she managed to escape the horrors of the North Korean regime Yeonmi Park of Casey & Yeonmi has managed to turn her life into a successful advocacy for the refugees of the world. Park has been providing articles for major news outlets around the world and speeches at various summits to highlight the issues of refugees and those still trapped in North Korea. Yeonmi Park works with many different groups to reveal information about the North Korean regime and how refugees around the world ca be assisted in the future.

Yeonmi Park Recounts Her Suffering in North Korea in Details

Yeonmi Park presents a captivating and detailed story about her life in North Korea, and defection to South Korea, in her book titled in Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s to Freedom. She begins by highlighting how her family was organized and peaceful despite living under the leadership of tyrant. She remembers the many times she slept without food. She recounts of how her family were treated as criminals when her father had ventured into the black market to feed the family. She gives details of the suffering and oppression millions of residents in North Korea experience. She says she was aware of the journey getting difficult but did not expect it to get worse. At only thirteen years, she had endured a lot. She ascertains the experiences keep her moving forward. She tells of the psychological turmoil and physical hardship they endured before reaching South Korea. Despite her experiences, she still treasures North Korea. She volunteers in several community-based organizations that help refugees to settle and mix freely with other citizens. Yeonmi was born in Hyesan, North Korea on October 4, 1993. The Worker’s Party employed her father as Hyesan town hall civil servant while her mother offered medical services to the North Korean Army. She endured a lot of suffering under the tyrannical Kim Dynasty. Park interests in activism were triggered after a watching a pirated copy of the 1997 Titanic movie. She shot into limelight after video of the speech Park made at 2014 Youtube Summit called One Young World received over 2 million within a short time of uploading. She studies Criminal Justice at Dongguk University located in North Korea. She has made several appearances on popular television shows. She has shared her life stories by writing for popular blogs and magazine such as DailyMail, The Guardian, and Washington Post. Park volunteers with the Freedom Factory Corporation, a program comprised of open-minded South Korean citizens. She is a member of Liberty in North Korea a community-based organization that liberates refugees hiding in China and assist them in settling in South Korea. She was a co-host of the ‘North Korea Today’ program that discussed issues affecting the North Korean residents.