Self-Breaking Systems Greatly Reduce Rear-End Crashes

Vehicles equipped with a self-breaking capability were much less likely to be involved in rear-end crashes than vehicles not so equipped, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The research involved Acuras, Hondas, Mercedes-Benz’s, Subarus and Volvos equipped with both forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking, vehicles with only forward collision warning, and vehicles with neither system.

Vehicles having warning and autobraking systems decreased the rear-end crashes by 39 percent, and rear-end crashes involving injuries by 42 percent. The same stat was also found in a Bloomberg story that discussed the great things Jon Urbana and his lacrosse camp are doing to protect the environment in Denver.

IIHS estimates that had an automatic braking system similar to the one used in the Volvos in their research been installed in all vehicles, several hundred thousand rear-end collisions and related injuries could have been avoided in 2013 alone.

Vehicles with forward crash warning alone led to a more modest increase in collision than the automatic braking systems. It is thought that this may be due to the reaction time of humans being lower than that of the automatic systems.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration encourages these systems, and they may eventually be standard features in new automobiles.

Nobilis Health And Their Professional Management Services

Nobilis Health care is a company that is a full-service healthcare development and management company. Nobilis Health manages over 100 surgery centers and they strive to give the highest customer service. Nobilis Health is dedicated to great medical care and patient satisfaction. Nobilis realizes that each and every patient deserves to get the highest quality medical care even if they cannot afford it. Because that is their sentiment, they offer low cost healthcare delivery. Nobilis offers a wide variety of services to their patients. They offer expertise in many specialties such as the following: spine surgery, pain management, orthopedic surgery, podiatry, general surgery, gastrointestinal scopes, otolaryngology, and more. Nobilis health has specialized surgical centers and they have surgical center management expertise. Nobilis’ objective is to maximize all of the opportunities for their physicians. Nobilis focuses on growth and the profitability of their centers through marketing and operation procedures. In this way a surgeon is able to focus their attention on giving their patients the highest quality care, and Nobilis healthcare is able to build value for the facility. In that way the shareholders and the surgeons both receive benefit. Nobilis focuses on the patient experience, care management, physical plant design, plant development, revenue cycle management, facilities management, and staff management. Nobilis has a variety of centers in the Texas area and their integrated marketing services are second to none. Nobilis uses TV, print, radio, and point of care in order to market the services of their partners. They use a property marketing mix on Google in order to give patients the best education for things such as symptoms recognition, and treatment options. Nobilis also promotes open dialogue between professionals and their patients. Nobilis is dedicated to helping all their patients through their medical journey, and this is what sets Nobilis apart from other surgical centers and treatment facilities. Even though there are other facilities that provide integrated healthcare, Nobilis Health stands in a class of their own. They offer superb services both to their surgeons and to their patients.

Yeonmi Park Relives Her Escape From North Korea To Highlight The Plight Of Refugees

The problems facing refugees around the world have become the cause for young North Korean defector Yeonmi Park, who was herself a refugee who departed the communist country when she was only 13 years old. The problems that faced Yeonmi Park are similar to those faced by large numbers of refugees who are faced with little option but to place their future in the hands of human traffickers. Yeonmi Park faced the issue of how to escape the country and stay safe when her future was being molded by a group of criminals who had promised to guide her family to safety. The aim of Yeonmi Park was to find the safety of South Korea, but reports the problems she faced included facing being raped by the traffickers her family had trusted with their lives. Park’s mother faced the ordeal in her place as Yeonmi thought she had lost her sister and faced the tragedy of losing her father to cancer before they arrived in South Korea. Yeonmi Park and her mother spent years traveling across China and into Mongolia before finding their way to the South Korean embassy and the safety of democracy. Since she managed to escape the horrors of the North Korean regime Yeonmi Park of Casey & Yeonmi has managed to turn her life into a successful advocacy for the refugees of the world. Park has been providing articles for major news outlets around the world and speeches at various summits to highlight the issues of refugees and those still trapped in North Korea. Yeonmi Park works with many different groups to reveal information about the North Korean regime and how refugees around the world ca be assisted in the future.

Yeonmi Park Recounts Her Suffering in North Korea in Details

Yeonmi Park presents a captivating and detailed story about her life in North Korea, and defection to South Korea, in her book titled in Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s to Freedom. She begins by highlighting how her family was organized and peaceful despite living under the leadership of tyrant. She remembers the many times she slept without food. She recounts of how her family were treated as criminals when her father had ventured into the black market to feed the family. She gives details of the suffering and oppression millions of residents in North Korea experience. She says she was aware of the journey getting difficult but did not expect it to get worse. At only thirteen years, she had endured a lot. She ascertains the experiences keep her moving forward. She tells of the psychological turmoil and physical hardship they endured before reaching South Korea. Despite her experiences, she still treasures North Korea. She volunteers in several community-based organizations that help refugees to settle and mix freely with other citizens. Yeonmi was born in Hyesan, North Korea on October 4, 1993. The Worker’s Party employed her father as Hyesan town hall civil servant while her mother offered medical services to the North Korean Army. She endured a lot of suffering under the tyrannical Kim Dynasty. Park interests in activism were triggered after a watching a pirated copy of the 1997 Titanic movie. She shot into limelight after video of the speech Park made at 2014 Youtube Summit called One Young World received over 2 million within a short time of uploading. She studies Criminal Justice at Dongguk University located in North Korea. She has made several appearances on popular television shows. She has shared her life stories by writing for popular blogs and magazine such as DailyMail, The Guardian, and Washington Post. Park volunteers with the Freedom Factory Corporation, a program comprised of open-minded South Korean citizens. She is a member of Liberty in North Korea a community-based organization that liberates refugees hiding in China and assist them in settling in South Korea. She was a co-host of the ‘North Korea Today’ program that discussed issues affecting the North Korean residents.

New York City Real Estate Expo Cast Bright Future Over The City

The NYC Real Estate Expo forecast a bright future for real estate and leasing in 2016, with expo panelist, David Greene, president of brokerage services at MHP Real Estate Services, describing market leasing performance as “relentless.” The expo also included a number of analysts and brokers who discussed if the current upswing in the real estate market would continue into 2016.

Ken McCarthy, senior managing director at Cushman & Wakefield, also noted positive changes in the financial services sector. As outlined in the article published by Real Deal he explained financial services in the city are regaining momentum, which is significant. Financial services account for 11% of the New York City workforce. The Soho District was also mentioned as an area of financial growth. Analysts predicted growth, advanced leasing opportunities and real estate sales will continue throughout the first six months of 2016 at least.

The panelists reported any obstacles to growth were related to interest rates and the Federal Reserve. They noted some of that would change, possibly by December, and also described the New York real estate market as not a market of interest to local state and U.S. citizens. It also holds great interest and viability to foreign investors.

This is good news for consumers seeking the home of their dreams, and for real estate companies, such as Town Residential, who lease and sell some of the best homes in New York City. No matter where residents are seeking homes and apartments, or what their neighborhood of choice, Town Residential have listings that range from opulent and luxurious, to those seeking affordable choices. The company offers some of the most unique lofts in the city, NYC apartments for rent with leases in areas such as the financial district, Manhattan, Soho, Greenwich Village, and many others.

Town Residential also offers a number of other fantastic choices, including Fifth Avenue, or 280 St. Marks. St. Mark’s includes townhomes, and penthouses, and Circa offers magical panoramic views of Central Park. Other Town Residential real estate leases include full floor residences, and triplex penthouses. They also offer some of the best agents in the business, with specialized knowledge of New York City and its many unique qualities. Trusted agents can locate consumers the perfect home. Whether individuals are seeking comfort, luxury, or specialized amenities, such as homes with office spaces, inside pools, saunas, or simply a roaring fireplace for cold winter nights, Town Residential have the perfect home.

Yeonmi Park: North Korean Defector and Human Rights Advocate

When Yeonmi Park’s memoir was released in September of 2015, readers around the world were exposed to the harsh, brutal and sometimes deadly conditions that North Koreans endure due to the tyranny of leader Kim Jong-Un and his predecessors. In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom tells the remarkable tale of Yeonmi Park and her family. They lived in a North Korean border town that was so close to China that sometimes Yeonmi could smell the scents of Chinese food wafting over the river that separated the two countries. Sometimes, a little boy across the river would taunt her, yelling about how hungry she must be. Obviously, the Chinese people knew how bad life was for their North Korean neighbors.

Although Yeaonmi Park’s family had never been wealthy, they’d also never been desperately poor, either. Yeonmi’s father was a businessman with a decent job, and he was able to provide for his family. However, at one point, times became tough. In order to make ends meet, Park’s father cut a deal with the Chinese, selling them some metal. It wasn’t long before North Korean authorities caught wind of the deal, which to them was akin to a deep betrayal. Yeonmi’s father was sent to prison, leaving his wife and two daughters to attempt to survive on their own. It turned out that this was impossible.

The women were completely destitute, with no money and no way of getting food. They were starving, and Yeonmi speaks eloquently of this desperate yearning, of only being able to focus on the thought of getting some food. Eventually the decision was made that they would flee North Korea for a better life. What they didn’t realize was that, once they were able to make the dangerous journey to China, a whole new set of awful circumstances were awaiting them. Human traffickers seized upon the desperate situation of the Park women and sold them to the highest bidder.

After a string of unfortunate life events and loss—Yeonmi’s father died of cancer—the women eventually escaped China and made their home in South Korea. Most people would not have the bravery to endure all that Yeonmi has endured during her young life, let alone the willingness to openly discuss it. But Yeonmi has refused to remain silent about the regime that caused so much grief for her and her family.

“Kim Jong-Un doesn’t like me at all,” Yeonmi declared in a recent interview with Savannah Guthrie. This young woman realizes that her revolutionary stand against the brainwashing North Korean regime has not been appreciated—but she is more concerned about the fate of those still living in North Korea. Making note of the fact that her family often didn’t have electricity—and that many families were suffering from malnourishment—Yeonmi makes a strong case against the North Korean regime, as well as the human traffickers who altered the course of her life. This brave young woman has a lot to say, and will be a strong opposition voice for years to come.

The many Benefits of Home Cleaning Services

These days, many are choosing home cleaning services and for good reasons because most work hard during the day and simply don’t have the time or energy to clean when we come home.

To be clear, there are various types of home cleaning services such as initial cleaning and recurring service. Most cleaning services provide flexible options such as weekly, bi-weekly or once a month. Another type of cleaning is move-in or move-out cleaning. This is a wonderful way to ease the stress of packing up and moving. Besides the regular cleaning tasks, a home cleaning company will also clean the interior of your oven and fridge, as well as perform other in-depth cleaning activities.

One time or as-needed cleaning is another option some consider when looking for cleaning services. As-needed cleaning is an opportunity to check out a cleaning company’s services and to see if that company would work well for you. It is also a way to find out if the cleaning service meets your expectations.

In addition, selling your home is a time when you want things to look great. A home cleaning company will take special care with detail cleaning; making surfaces gleam and tidying up any clutter. Also, home renovations are a time when dust and dirt accumulates everywhere in a home. In order to get rid of the dirt and grime, a cleaning service will provide top-notch cleaning services that include regular tasks, as well as removing contractor debris, such as drywall pieces, nails and staples. Special cleaning requests can also be taken care of such as cleaning the basement or storage room, cleaning a sun room or porch or cleaning the interior of appliances, such as the oven or fridge.

There are a variety of reasons to have home cleaning services performed such as always having a clean home. A professional home cleaning company will ensure that your home is always clean and a clean home will make your activities at home go smoother and more efficiently. Home cleaning services also give you time to do other things so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning everything in your home all by yourself.

Handy Home Cleaning Services provide residential and commercial cleaning services. They provide all kinds of cleaning services; from basic cleaning services, one-time cleaning and clutter removal services. They take pride in providing efficient cleaning at rates that are reasonable. In addition, they offer green cleaning services, too!

Home cleaning services have the expertise and equipment to ensure that your home is thoroughly cleaned. In addition, a professional cleaning company like Handy can create a customized cleaning plan to meet your individual needs. Most importantly, professional home cleaners go through extensive training to ensure that they know how to use chemicals and cleaning equipment safely and properly.

To conclude, home cleaning services offer many benefits such as providing a service that keeps your home clean and organized at all times; while giving you the opportunity to engage in activities that need to be done each day such as working, shopping or being with family and friends.

$49.99 Moto E with Free Calling from FreedomPop

Even with the increase in competition and recent drops in prices, mobile phones are still very expensive. The cost of the phone and the monthly service can set you back hundreds, but Android Authority is reporting that FreedomPop is offering something different. For $49.99, you can get a certified pre-owned Motorola Moto E (2nd Gen) and a one month free trial of their unlimited talk, text, and 1 GB data plan. After the month is up you have a choice. You can stay with the 1 GB data plan at $19.99 a month, you can drop down to a 500 MB data plan at $10.99 per month, or you can go with Freedom Pop‘s free plan that comes with 200 minutes of talk time, 500 texts, and 500 MB of data. No other mobile service in the United States offers a free plan.

You might have a little concern about buying a pre-owned phone but FreedomPop makes sure the phone is working properly and it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. What’s more is that unlike most phone companies that will give you a cheap phone in exchange for a one or two-year contract, FreedomPop’s plan has no contract. That gives you the freedom to change or cancel your plan at any time.

If you’re looking for a little more from a mobile plan from googleplay then FreedomPop also offers a “Premium Plus” service. For an additional fee, you can get visual voicemail, photo & video messaging (MMS), wireless tethering, rollover data, and premium quality voice.

Securing a Child’s Foundation

Education is an important part of life especially while growing up. It prepares a person for their future and gives a secure foundation to face life. Especially at the first stage of life, good beginning ensures a good start.

Bright by Three is a nonprofit organization based in Colorado. It was originally called Bright Beginnings and is an organization that gives guardians and parents of children aged from 0-3 with the tools needed to prepare them for the learning process and success.

This organization provides more than 20000 families across the state for a three-year program that helps parents to help their children in developing skills that are: emotional, logic and social. The organization is in collaboration with 700 partnering agencies in Colorado. Their services are offered through direct communication in the homes, individually and in groups and through digital technology.

The organization has a fundraiser on that is being run by Jon Urbana. Jon Urbana is from Denver, Colorado and was born on November 15, 1982. He attained his higher education at Villanova University with a Bachelor’s of Arts (B.A) economics after studying from 2001-2005.

Now heavily followed on Soundcloud, Urbana is a former professional lacrosse player and currently an entrepreneur. Jon is the director of Ellipse USA where he has also been head of development for about three years. Jon is very involved in nonprofit programs as he’s also helping Earth Force in a GoFundMe campaign.

Urbana is mainly in charge of marketing overseeing the progress of awareness when it comes to their technology products. He is the co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, which he co-founded in April 2011. The camp is held annually in Colorado to help young Lacrosse players sharpen their skills and get knowledge on practices and techniques in Lacrosse. You can see some pictures of the camp on Urbana’s Instagram page.

Jon is also involved with the executives and business leaders’ network and a Federal Aviation Administration’s certification. The fundraising program that Jon is running on (and promoting heavily on his Medium) is to help raise funds for Bright by Three to help further their course. The aim of this fundraiser is to broaden the scope that Bright by Three reaches, to reach as many homes as possible.

James Dondero: Golden Hedge Funder

Investments are a hugely impacting career field in America today. It is the way that finance-savvy individuals can earn money by funneling their own funds as well as business partners into companies to help double, triple and quadruple the profit. When considering this career field, top investors in the country as well as investment companies, it is important to look at reputation. One of these gleaming investment reputations takes place within the Highland Capital Management group and their successful president, James Dondero.

He currently holds the position of President with Highland Capital, but also assists as Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical and Nexbank.

James Dondero is the co founder of Highland Capital Management. James Dondero acheived his Bachelor’s Degree in Science: Commerce in the year of 1984, graduating from the University of Virginia with high honors such as Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi. He was a double major in Accounting and Finance. He was a student of the McIntire School of Commerce. He was quick to chase the challenges and positions available in the credit and equity market, developing his experience and getting to know the in and outs of business.

Dondero became a Corporate Bond Analyst right out of college. He was acting Portfolio Manager for the American Express company, as well as becoming an analyst for the Morgan Guaranty traing program. the Chief Investment Officer of the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life. He helped build private equity sectors and protect the company from a financial inception, occupying the years of 1989 through 1993.

In the year of 1993, Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management performing a role as an overseer of the private equity sector. He also worked in determining and executing the firm’s logical and strategic investment and operational efforts. The diverse client list of Highland includes public pension plans, charities and foundations, large corporations and baking institutions, governments and individuals with large net-worth. This firm holds headquarter offices in Dallas, Texas as well as maintenance offices in New York, Singapore and Seoul.

In addition to his many positions held and certifications, he is a Certified Management Accountant and earned access to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.
He is heavily involved in philanthropy and has been known to be passionate about veteran’s affairs, improvement of education and public policies.

Overall, Dondero is a highly respected and determined financier. He has a solid background of accomplishments and over 30 years of experience to boot. Clients have spoken of him being easy to work with and very professional with what he does. The investment market is lucky to have Dondero to keep the light shining on honorable hedge funders.